IMA AUTOMATION at E-Tech Europe 2022


E-TECH EUROPE 2022, the Electrical & Electronic Technologies Exhibition and Conference for the Electric Vehicle Industry, will be held in Bologna from April 12th to 13th 2022, and IMA AUTOMATION is ready to take part.

The IMA AUTOMATION hub places a particular emphasis on the sustainable side of mobility. In fact, thanks to the synergy between the companies that make it up, we have developed an extensive range of innovations and implementations for this segment. Electrical motors play a fundamental role when it comes to environmental impact, and IMA AUTOMATION offers a comprehensive portfolio of sustainable solutions.

At our stand B28, the Automotive and E-Mobility segments of the Hub represented by IMA AUTOMATION ATOP and IMA AUTOMATION FASP, will highlight their latest products, technology, components, equipment and services for electrification.

Visit us in our hometown of Bologna and meet our dedicated experts at our stand: IMA AUTOMATION Stand B28

Traction E-motors assembly

Cutting-edge and modulated technology for large scale production of stators and rotors for traction electric motors. Plus a focus on continuous e-traction technological development in hairpin and other winding technologies, with the highest flexibility to meet all customer requirements.